1. kamuicosplay:

    Want to make some badass props and have no idea how? Check out my new prop making book for only 5$!


  2. Una más una menos… #1 #nikeplus

  3. Gracias @brndaxramone :3 #Muse

  4. Una #sapporo mientras dibujó :3

  5. Entrenamiento para #SpartanRace #Super #nikeplus

  6. Casual #nikeplus

  7. I’m back bitches! #nikeplus


  8. Riot pax east skins give away

    i have some codes for varus (arctic-ops) hecarim (arcadia) and Blitzcrank (Riot) I’m going to give them on my twitter account.

    so… if you want to get one of those be sure to follow me :D 

    the giveaway starts in a few hours 


  9. cloud-i-cide:

    It’s frustrating, really.

  10. #SC2 Jim Raynor \o/ ya solo me faltan 4